FME30/I Vortex Flow Meter

The FME30/I module makes it possible to study different methods of volumetric and mass flow measurement, as well as to compare continuous and intermittent methods.

This module includes two continuous and two intermittent methods to carry out the experiments.

The continuous methods include a vortex flowmeter and a variable-area flowmeter (or rotameter).

The vortex flowmeter included is an industrial one. The operation principle consists on a liquid that collides with a bluff body and generates alternate vortices towards the body. This creates a pressure in the body of the sensor, which contains a piezoelectronic crystal. The frequency of the sensor is proportional to the velocity. The meter has a bright LED display that indicates the flow rate in liters or gallons.

Intermittent methods include the measurement of volumetric and mass flows. A precision scale is used to measure the mass flow and compare the measurements.

The water supply may be provided either from the Hydraulics Bench (FME00) or the Basic Hydraulic Feed System (FME00/B).


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FME30/I Vortex Flow Meter