The ESN (EDIBON SCADA-NET) system consists on the adaptation of EDIBON computer controlled units integrated in a local network.

This system allows for viewing/controlling some different units remotely, from any computer integrated in the local network, through the computer connected to the unit. Then, the number of possible users who can work with the same unit is higher than in the usual working mode (normally only one). The users are unlimited since it does not depend on the amount of units, so it does not matter the number of students in a class, all of them can work at the same time.

Thanks to the Manager/Instructor Central Computer located "between" the units and the local network, the manager can manage, administer, govern and handle the access to the different units and the permissions to control/view all the units. The user/student can visualize the unit in his own PC during the experiment.

The communication between the users and the units is managed by the manager/instructor. There is no possibility of communication between them if the manager does not allow it.

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