5394 Power House – Green Essentials

Sustainable development is a form of socio-economic development able to protect and enhance the resources of the Earth, where man is committed to safeguardingenvironment and common resources for future generations.With this kit you can learn about alternative and sustainable forms of energy, by following some simple experiments related to the use and transformation of energy.To perform all the experiments with the power house, you will have to refer to the simple and intuitive original guide in English.
Ages 10 and up.


Research for the future
Construction material
Cold, warmer, hot
Project power house
Heat — familiar yet mysterious
The sun as heat dispenser
There’s something in the air
Water, salt, and rain
Great climate
Light and heat from the sun
Electricity from solar energy
Energy from the wind
Tricks that plants use

5394 Power House – Green Essentials
5394 Power House – Green Essentials