3904 - Genecon V3 Hand Held Dynamo

Genecon is a handheld generator which makes it fun to learn about electricity and demonstrations of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Turning the handle generates electricity. This instrument is perfectly suited to experiments that explain the mechanism of power generation in an easy and fun way. The clear body allows the mechanism to be seen while in use.


  • Generation of electricity – connection between work, speed of winding and voltage
  • As a power source for a 3 V motor on a model
  • As a power supply for simple electricity experiments e.g. for series and parallel light/circuits (using 3 V bulbs)
  • Demonstration of power line transmission (requires 2 dynamos)
  • Charging a capacitor as an energy store
  • Turning in which direction produces – or + electricity?
  • Is it better to use an LED instead of a lamp bulb?
  • Relationship between turns and electricity generated (power generation)
3904 - Genecon V3 Hand Held Dynamo